Samsung Develops ‘Bedtime VR Stories’ App For Remote Parenting

Samsung has developed the very first ‘Bedtime VR Stories’ app for children to ensure the remote parenting. The virtual reality app is being tested among few families from the UK as a prototype.

Samsung Develops 'Bedtime VR Stories' App

Perhaps you and your spouse both are one of those very busy couples who hardly manage time for children and storytelling or bedtime story is super occasional for you. But how can you ignore the importance of bedtime stories? It doesn’t only create bonds among parents and kids but also, you can actually boost up your child’s brain development by telling bedtime stories.

Watch Bedtime VR Stories

Keeping that in mind, Samsung has developed a prototype app which will allow parents to tell their kids bedtime stories over Samsung Gear VR, virtual reality device. The parents have to wear a Gear VR headset and kid will wear a Google Cardboard headset and both will enter into the same virtual reality world. The parent will recite the story called ‘Most Wonderful Place to Be’ and you both will visit the magical places by sitting on your bed.

The app ‘Bedtime VR Stories’ can be used when the parent is away from home. In fact, Samsung emphasized that the app is more for parents who live somewhere else for work perhaps. Currently, they have three different characters called Jen the Penguin, Dan the Dinosaur and Jo the Robot. The company has not mentioned the release date from when anybody can get the app and share virtual Bedtime stories with kids. But they have opened a signup option to get the update about Bedtime VR Stories.

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