Track Kit: Explore & Share Your Travel Experience With Street Video Plus More

Are you exploring new places? Get ‘Track Kit’ multi-functional tracker app on iOS device which lets you to share the travel experience with route plans, images as well as street video.


Now-a-days people are using plenty of apps which is related with traveling including GPS tracker and all. But this app ‘Track Kit’ has added a different level to this recent trend. Track Kit lets you to share the travel experience with route plans, images, presentation as well as street video. It also offers exclusive free web service for wandering through and presenting your travel routes. You can track the hiking, sightseeing, navigation, boating, hunting and finding your way around. Watch the video and get to know the use of it.

If you want to visit some exciting place, secret view or running paths then you just have to take a picture and make a way-point on your route with just one click. You can also add pictures and Google Street View panoramas to tracks to demonstrate your whole traveling experience.


Most interesting part about this app is, you can create superb presentation about the places you have already traveled. You can also include the street view in this presentation and playback your the tracks. Then you are free to share this video with your friends from different social media as well as you can post your tracks on You can organize your all routes and compare with different tracks.


Track Kit also got rich analog or digital speedometer to measurement the speed. Besides, there is advance compass connected with a map along with sun/moon azimuth, sunrise/sunset/moonrise/moonset azimuth. To measure the height and distance, you will get range finder tool within the app.


Track Kit is most compatible and user-friendly GPS tracker that you not want to miss. For exploring the new place and sharing your experience with the world, you can download the apps right now from the given link below. Track Kit is currently available for iPhone and iPad for only $2.99 but you can register for FREE to save your tracks stored on the server.

Download Now

iTunes Link: Click Here
Price: $2.99
Size: 32.0 MB
Version: 2.1

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