eBay Find of the Day

This is an extremely rare Czechoslovakian built Formula 3 Racecar completed in 1956 for the very talented Czech driver, Miroslav Jurca.

Czech company Avia, now a truck builder known as Ashok Leyland, built two-stroke, two-cylinder cars in the fifties that were converted to racers. Czech driver Miroslav Jurca got hold of one in 1956 and turned it into this: the 750 Mk III. The aluminum and magnesium alloy skin sits over a steel tube chassis, within which lurks a 750cc, four-stroke BMW engine.

A surprising amount of tech also lives under that revised bodywork, including a fully-independent front suspension with unequal-length A-arms, coil springs, telescopic hydraulic shocks and torsion bars; an independent rear suspension with coil springs and hydraulic-telescopic shocks; a transaxle gearbox and lightweight alloy-magnesium rack and pinion steering. You can have a detailed look at this interesting car it in the photo gallery below.

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