Ericsson And Volvo Join Hands To Bring Spotify To Cars

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Swedes car maker Volvo has joined hands with telecom gear-maker Ericsson to bring Spotify in cars. Volvo will integrate Spotify in its cars using Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud Platform. This is Spotify’s first incursion in the automobile world.

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Currently, Volvo cars widely use On Call system, which enables car owners to control some portions of their vehicles using a mobile app. Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud will add on this capability. This “multiservice delivery platform will provide infotainment, apps and communication services in Volvo’s new cars.” And, Spotify is part of the package offered, among other things.

The new system also solves the problem of data connectivity for the platform. Volvo’s On Call system needed a separate data connection. This new platform will use the driver’s data connection via his or her smartphone.

Ericsson plans to collaborate with other automakers to push the Connected Vehicle Cloud in more vehicles.

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