Fracne’s Funkiest Car ‘Twizy’ Arrives America

Fracne’s super funkiest car ‘Twizy’ has arrived in America. The two-seater little beast has been relaunched as a Nissan, corporate sister of Renault.


Twizy looks more like a combination of golf cart and Countach and it’s only 1,045 pounds which is very light weighted comparing to any other two-seater cars. It contains 6.1 kilowatt-hour li-ion battery along with 13 horsepower which means, you can not go more than 60 miles at a breakneck of 50 mile per hour.


The Swiss Federal Roads Authority permits anyone over 14 years old to drives this funky car who has a road safely certificate. SO basically, its super cool car for teenagers in France.


However, Nissan has renamed it for America and calling it ‘New Mobility Concept‘. The most interesting fact is, this car is not for sale in America. A San Francisco based electric scooter sharing company called ‘Scoot‘ is introducing it in states. You have to sign up and pay $19 per month and you have to use an app to find available scooters around. Then you can go anywhere in the city by Twizy which will cost you $8 per half hour.


The most advantage includes the parking as you can basically park it anywhere. The whole car is only 7.8 feet which gave it plus point to park easily. If you visit San Francisco, then you can give a try by renting it from Scoot.

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