General Motors To Start Selling Internet Connected Cars In 2014

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson said on a conference call on Thursday that the car-maker will start selling internet connected cars from 2014. Akerson hopes to increase its target demographics with the new internet capable cars.

Daniel Akerson

Customers and reviewers have been complaining about the current infotainment systems installed in cars. The systems are said to be ‘clunky and hard to use’ compared to handheld smart devices. Then, there is the issue of system updates over the air.

GM wants to address these issues in their future generation of cars. The infotainment systems would be upgraded to be more user-friendly and connected. Starting from 2014, GM will sell cars which will let passengers in the back seat to watch streaming video. Each signup for internet connection onboard will earn GM $20.

Additionally, this will open doors for GM to sell advertising to third parties. “For example, what happens if when the logo shows on your screen, it says ‘brought to you by Allstate’?” Akerson explained using Allstate Corp’s name to illustrate GM’s options.

The U.S. auto-maker will also beef up its in-vehicle OnStar service that lets drivers connect with live operators and ask for direction or help.

Source: ET

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