Microjoule: The Car That Travels 25,000 Miles With Just £15 Of Fuel

Shell Eco-Marathon contests are meant to encourage innovation in clean and fuel-friendly vehicles. In European leg of the contest, a car named ‘Microjoule’ won the top slot for its ability to cover a whopping 25,000 miles on £15 of fuel.


The incredible mileage of this car is a result of its extraordinary design. The car has a weight of 35kg and features a carbon fiber body. When the car was put to test, the judges concluded that it could easily cover 2072 miles on a single liter. At this rate, if Microjoule was to travel all around the world, covering 25,000 miles, it would consume a fuel worth £15.

The car was built by students from La Joliverie College in Western France. According to one of the students involved in the project, “The car has an internal combustion engine and runs on ordinary fuel. It weighs 35 kg (77lbs) and is made entirely of carbon fibre. It offers very low rolling resistance and air resistance, and a very, very low drag coefficient. For example, when you spin the wheels, they will turn for several minutes without ever stopping.”

Given its extraordinary mileage and the excellent design, the car beat 200 other entrants in the Eco-Marathon to grab the top award. There were many other notable vehicles at the contest as well. Among these was the electric-powered vehicle H2A which would cover 266 miles per kilowatt hour, meaning it could take a trip around the world and incur an electric charging expense of a mere £16.

These innovations are a silver lining in a bleak world where the conventional vehicles and cars with their reckless fuel consumption are driving the world towards a fuel-deficient, wrecked-climate, abnormal-weather future.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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