Mitsubishi’s New Car Navigation System Allowed You Record TV and Watch BD Movies

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new Car Navigation System with the NR-MZ50. GPS navigation systems for cars start starting to become more and more popular, whether you decide to go with the actual hardware or go with an app such as TomTom, the fact of the matter is that GPS is starting to become more accessible. So that Mitsubishi Electric has decided to add a few new features in their new car navigation system.

The NR-MZ50 still does what a GPS navigation system is supposed to do, along with real-time traffic information and updates. It reportedly also has an “Eco-Guide” feature, directing the driver to more fuel-efficient routes, which could mean avoiding areas with unnecessary acceleration, such as going up a slope. The NR-MZ50 is also includes a 12Seg (12x1Seg) TV Tuner, with the capacity for you to record TV shows. So that allow you to record television shows while on the go, you can also stored on either the 8GB of internal memory or onto an SD card.

Other features it reportedly brings to the table, include Bluetooth, USB and iPod support and comes with a touch screen display of 800×480 resolution. Right now in Japan it will retail for 150,000 Yen, which is about $1,865.
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