NYT Reporter Dismisses Elon Musk’s Allegations Over Tesla Model S Review

We reported earlier that after a rather caustic NYT review of Tesla’s Model S, Elon Musk penned down a detailed rejoinder to it. The NYT reporter who reviewed the car has responded to Mr. Musk’s allegations point by point, and dismissed the allegations by Musk.

Tesla Model S

Regarding the Tesla Model S review published in the NYT, Elon Musk alleged that John Broder, the NYT reporter, faked the findings of his drive and drove in such a way as to mitigate the performance of the car. Musk further said that Broder then used the under-performance of the car as a reason to write down a terribly negative review about Model S.

Broder, on the other hand, has now come out with a detailed blog post which attempts to respond to the points made by Musk. In his post, Broder dwells on the battery performance of the car as well as the availability of super-charger stations along his drive.

From the looks of it, it does seem that Broder’s review wasn’t exactly accurate. However, let’s not jump to conclusions and blame him right away for it. The way Broder has defended his review, it seems that he is not exactly an electric-car-savvy guy. So we should consider the possibility that what he penned down was a sincere miscalculation at his end and the sloppy help offered by Tesla personnel during his test drive.

Many quarters of the media and tech journalism are now asking Mr. Musk to make public the data logs of the drive so that the public can analyze the data on its own. For now, he hasn’t responded. Meanwhile, a fiery debate on the issue is going on at Reddit

Source: NYT

Courtesy: Engadget

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