Pagani Huayra Supercar

Pagani finally presents the latest supercar that uses Huayra name and this car controls the wind, storms and live in the hills.Pagani Huayra supercar run as fast as the wind was and it’s powered by an AMG Mercedes biturbo V12 engine of 5980 cc in capacity, producing 690 bhp and a heady 1000 Nm of torque.Pagani Huayra supercar also have a steampunk interior that would impress even Dio Eraclea……..

Huayra Tata was able to lift the waters from lake Titicaca and rain them down on the fertile.When Huayra Tata sleeps the waters and rivers lay quiet.Pagani’s newest supercar can now be seen in all its glory and we generally approve of the overall styling, despite the fact it’s got something of a bottom-feeder fascia up front. Moving past that, we see a pretty serious set of gullwing doors and enough slats, flares and strakes to fill the sketchbook of a Boeing designer.Huayra is with Mercedes-Benz AMG-built 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine which nleashed on the hapless pair of rear tires and this supercar is capable of speeds up near 230 miles per hour.Over 700 horsepower and about 740 pound-feet of torque will be sent to the ground through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.Couple that with a weight of just under 3,000 pounds aided by copious amounts of carbon fiber and you have the makings of a 21st century rear-wheel drive rocket ship.Pagani Huayra have a luxury touches inside¬† including a cockpit slathered in beautiful hides and exposed aluminum and carbon fiber.Huayra supercar also features glowing blue gauges and multi-function display that controls audio, navigation and communications gadgetry.New Pagani Huayra’s price is ¬£850,000.


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