Study: Using Cellphone While Driving Leads To Other Risky Habits

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In many countries, talking over cellphone or texting someone while driving is prohibited. Most states in the U.S. have passed laws in order to prohibit use of cellphone while driving. Still many people are found texting or talking over phone while driving. A new study has found that people who do multitask during driving tend to engage in other risky behaviors while driving.

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AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety made a survey on 3,896 U.S. drivers aged 16 years or more. AAA unveiled the data last Friday. According to the study, motorists who use cell phones while driving, engage themselves in additional dangerous behaviors like speeding, driving drowsy, driving without a seat-belt and sending texts or emails. The study has also found that more than two-thirds (69 percent) of licensed drivers talk over cell phone while driving. Here’s the full report of that study:

In case of using cellphone while driving:

  • 65 percent drives car speedily
  • 61 percent young drivers ages between 16 to 24 read a text or email
  • 53 percent people send text or email
  • 44 percent drives while drowsy
  • 29 percent people drives without buckling seat-belt
  • 26 percent (every single out of four) check or update social media

In case of “not” using cellphone while driving:

  • 31 percent drives car speedily
  • 16 percent people drives without buckling seat-belt
  • 14 percent drives while drowsy
  • 3 percent people send text or email (in emergency)

Source: PR News Wire

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  1. Olga Harris

    Distracted driving is very reckless and causes too many accidents. Cell phones are one of the largest distractions, especially for young drivers. The statistics for texting and driving are terrifying and I would like to see more campaigns in the future to help reduce this number.

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