10 erstaunlichsten und bemerkenswertesten außerirdischen Planeten

Every now and then, scientists are discovering unknown Planeten in dem Platz. Yesterday we reported that scientists have discovered a giant alien planet which is 11 times bigger than Jupiter. Until now, scientists have discovered enormous alien planets. Lets have a look on most amazing ten of those.

Alien Planets

1) Kepler-10b – Smallest Exoplanet

Kepler-10b, discovered by NASA, is called the “smallest exoplanet.” It is located about 560 light-years away and is 1.4 times larger than Earth. This is the very first unquestionably rocky planet that is orbiting a star outside our solar system. Kepler-10b orbits its parent star once every 0.84 days. The star’s age is estimated to be 8 billion years old.

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