32 and 37inch Apple TV Prepared By Apple Suppliers For 2012

The rumors about an Apple TV have been abundant. We reported a while ago that Apple officials were meeting with different media personnel to discuss different options regarding Apple TV. Now it has been reported that Apple suppliers have been told to start preparing 32-inch and 37-inch Apple televisions in the first quarter of 2012. These televisions will then be launched in the second or third quarter of 2012.

This rumour indicates that Apple is finally going ahead with a change in it’s TV-division. Earlier, Apple released just set-top box devices for TVs but now Apple has decided to launch the entire hardware itself, providing the prospective users with the entire television sets which will be available in different sizes.

These rumours do seem to have some weight because Steve Jobs, in his interview, had claimed that he had finally ‘cracked’ the problem of television. It has been speculated that Apple will release a TV that accepts Siri commands and will be able to pull content right from iCloud and stream videos and music from it. Also, the content from TV can be stored back at iCloud. Clearly, Apple has envisioned a kind of next-generation TV that will be entirely different from the conventional television.

Some other sources have claimed that the chips for Apple TV will be provided the largest supplier in Apple’s supply chain, Samsung. And the displays for these Apple Televisions will be produced by Sharp. While all these are certainly rumours as of now, we will be able to gauge their truth more precisely in the start of 2012 when we can clearly see whether or not the suppliers start production for the components of this iTV.

Image courtesy james.thompson.

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