This 360-Degree Roller Coaster Video Is Absurdly Beautiful

360-degree photographs are often used to create some stunningly compact and absurd scenes. Ignacio Fernando decided to get the bar higher and created an inverted 360-degree panorama video that is an addictive mind-twister to watch.

Go Pro roller-coaster video

Fernando got on board a roller coaster with an entire crew. The crew comprised of himself and six Go Pro cameras, meant to shoot the ride from different angles. With the help of multiple views, he created a 360-degree view of the ride.

A normal photographer would have stopped there by Fernando decided to go further still. He took the 360-degree views and inverted this panorama. The result was a spherical projection which seems to exist in the sky. And as you watch the video, you feel like going to the sky and leaving the Earth behind, sort of an entire roller coaster ride in the middle of thin air, suspended and moving. Here’s the video.

Source: YouTube

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