80 Port USB Board: This One Gadget You Don’t Need

Thanko 80 port USB device

Just think, maximum how many USB port do you need to support all your gadgets on the computer at a time? Five, ten, fifteen……You will be surprised to know that there is a USB port which supports 80 ports simultaneously.

Thanko 80 port USB device. Photo Credit: Thanko

Thanko created a new device that supports 80 USB ports. But the worst thing is that you can’t transfer data through the 80 ports. They only charge whatever you stick in.

The board is sized at 200×200×19mm and obviously needs to be plugged into a wall socket to work (100V). The picture below shows it with just 40 of the 80 ports used.

The picture shows just 40 of the 80 ports used. Photo credit: Thanko

This could potentially work in an office, with everyone sticking their phones in, but if you’ve just pulled out a tape measure and are trying to see if there’s enough room in your lounge for one, don’t even bother. Because, this one gadget you don’t need.

I don’t know who’d be interested in owning such a monster, but GeekStuff4U is offering it to people living outside Japan for $208.68 plus shipping. It went on sale in Japan today.

Maker / Model Thanko / 80 port USB charger board
Board Size 200 x 200 x 19 mm
AC Size 170 x 105 x 38 mm
AC 100V
Output from 80 mA (each USB Port)
USB Port x 80
Other For advance user

Source: Gizmodo.com, GeekStuff4U.com, CrunchGear.com, Thanko.jp

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