90,000 Unites Of iPad Sold By Apple, 51,000 Units in Just Two Hours!!!

iPad is officially up for pre-order from 12th March. Many of you still thinking whether you will order it or not. But from the very first day iPad is rocking. Already 90,000 units of iPad is sold by pre-order & within the first two hours, 51,000 units have been pre-ordered. Wow…..unbelievable.


Apple is again rocking the tech world with its new innovations, they did it with iPhone in 2007, now with iPad. A group of particularly prudent Apple fans from the APPL Sanity Board at Investor Village decided to put together a spreadsheet of order numbers, times that orders were placed and contents of those order.

Using this information, they were able to come up with a baseline for the number of items being sold through the Apple Online Store.

Fortune’s Phillip Elmer-DeWitt reports:

“51,000 orders in two hours,” announced Victor Castroll shortly after noon. He’s an analyst with Valcent Financial Group and an AAPL Sanity member who, with the blogger-analyst who calls himself deagol, has been monitoring the spreadsheet.

This matches other estimates from blogger Andrew Erlichson who wrote:

“We just bought two iPads, about 30 minutes apart. Our order IDs are 10,000 apart. Assuming those order IDs are sequential, and they appear to be, then Apple is selling 20,000 iPads per hour.”

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