An Inside Look At The iPad 3G’s Communication Board

With all the excitement surrounding the launch of the iPad today, we felt our readers would like to take a look at the inside of the device they are so eager to purchase. The first picture below shows the iPad splayed open for examination by the FCC. At first, it is reminiscent of looking under the hood of a modern car—its core components are barely recognizable as such. Well, until you really tear it apart…

The first thing you see behind the screen is a somewhat baffling wall of silver and black; it’s hardly the tightly compressed, carefully organized panel of circuitry and wiring you find when you crack open a smartphone.

Two reasons for that: first, in terms of hardware, this is essentially a large smartphone, so it makes sense that the components will have a bit more room to breath; second, that giant bifurcated black chunk, which obscures the rest of the internals, is all battery.

Now take a look at the communication board of the 3G iPad, the piece of hardware that makes this device different from the iPads launching today.

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