Android App Dropbox Beta Has Updated

Dropbox beta version of Android application is available and ready for testing.It brings in new sharing from other apps into Dropbox,built-in photo gallery, as well as the new download and upload progress updates on the Notification page.

The new version has got some new features which includes:

1. Added “Share to Dropbox” from other applications (Gallery, etc). Either single or multiple files
can be shared at the same time.

2. File Downloads & Uploads now display progress notifications instead of Spammy Toasts.

3. Multi-touch Gallery for pictures in a directory. Long-hold on pictures in gallery to do file operations.

4. Now you can create Shortcuts to Dropbox folders by long-holding on the desktop.

5. Added long-hold folder options for sharing and open.

6. Long-hold file Open now plays non-streaming, if it’s a streaming file type.

7. Added Cache Size display and Clear Cache

8. Prompt to install file manager such as OI or Astro if one is not installed already.

9. Notification if SD card is unavailable, so downloads, viewing, or uploads won’t work.

10. The e-mail to tell friends about Dropbox now contains a referral link, so you can get a quota bonus.

11. Visual Redesign with new icons

Dropbox is surely one of the best to keep my data backup and secure.

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