Samsung Galaxy SII Records 3M Sales in 55 Days

Samsung has broken record sales with its newly launched flagship smartphone. Samsung Galaxy SII. The company mentioned that they sold almost 3million Galaxy S2 smartphone in just 55 days. The company expects to reach 10m mark soon in different parts of globe and break the record of its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S. Electronista reported that in every 1.5 sec, Galaxy SII smartphone is sold.

Samsung on Sunday crossed a company record by selling three million Galaxy S II phones in 55 days. The Android flagship hit its milestone 30 days faster than the original Galaxy S. At its peak, Galaxy SII phones have been selling at a rate of one every 1.5 seconds.

The launch of the smartphone in other parts of the world is yet to take place. And analysts believe that in order to reach the milestone company is aiming for, it has to release the smartphone in different emerging markets especially US.

The smartphone managed to gather large market share in different parts of Europe especially Switzerland and Austria. The remaining major portion of sales were generated in Korea.


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