Apple Said iPad 2nd Generation will have OLED

Apple said they are working on iPad 2nd Generation and they might use OLED. Though iPad Just released and not yet even shipped internationally But Apple always busy with development. OLED is really expanding its market pretty fast.

iPad 2nd Gen

Though iPad’s 9.7 inch LCD costs around $70 USD. A similar OLED will cost about $500. Generally that gap isn’t likely to drop significantly by 2011. But it seem Samsung gonna change OLED inductry. informing us that Samsung is investing big in OLED industry. Samsung going to invest on 5.5Gen (1300X1500mm) OLED plant. They will start installing equipment in 3Q 2010, and the plant will go online in full capacity in January 2011. So this might lower the price of iPad required big sized OLED in 2011.


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