Apple: The Trend-Setter Of New Displays

Apple is certainly the company which enjoys the most loyal fan-following. And this helps Apple have a very influential clout over the world of electronics. Apple sets standard for many things, from processing speeds to touchscreens to lot more. But what remains the vital strength of this tech company, and what has often stood Apple apart from it’s rivals, is it’s displays. Now as we move near the release of iPad 3, we can expect that Apple may yet again set a standard for displays by adopting Sharp’s IGZO displays in it’s next tablet.

IGZO displays by Sharp:
Currently, Apple is working with Sharp in the development of IGZO displays. IGZO displays definitely hold a huge potential since these displays can provide much better brightness at much less power consumption while at the same time having very high-resolution displays. A number of rumours from many different resources have claimed that Apple will definitely be using these displays in iPad 3, since the resolution of iPad 3 will be definitely higher than that of iPad 2.

From Apple’s record, we can rest assured that if Apple does choose to use IGZO displays, they will be an instant hit in the industry and every tablet maker would be vying to lay it’s hands on these displays. This was manifest from the example of Corning’s Gorilla Glass. For long, it was there and no one really cared much about it. But then Steve Jobs found it interesting and decided to use it in iPhone devices. The result was that Gorilla Glass became the de facto standard for smartphone devices overnight and every smartphone maker wanted to use it in its device.

One thing is clear for sure: if Apple decide to use IGZO displays, that will be a dream come true for Sharp. It will immediately be an industry standard and will be producing not only tens of millions of displays for Apple, but will also be contacted by many other vendors, such as Samsung, to start production for them. This can mean huge fortunes for Sharp.

But we can rest assured of the fact that whether Apple choose Sharp or any other manufacturer, the displays in iPad 3 will definitely have a higher resolution that those in iPad 2. And that’s a win for the users.

Image courtesy L. Marie.

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