Atlantic Technology Released SB-900DF: High Performance Subwoofer

The SB-900DF subwoofer is the perfect companion for any Home Theater or compact music system and it makes an ideal match for any Atlantic soundbar. Recently Atlantic technology has released this latest subwoofer and the previous version was SB-900. Its down-firing design takes advantage of the acoustic benefits of woofer-to-floor acoustic coupling for exceptionally powerful response.

SB-900DF Subwoofer

The down-firing woofer increases its placement flexibility because it allows the ompact
cabinet to squeeze into tight spots behind furniture with no concern of its output being muffled, as might be the case with a front-firing woofer.

Small, unobtrusive and deceptively simple-looking, the SB-900DF has a rugged 8” driver with an oversized surround for exceptionally long excursion and low distortion, even at very high output levels. Drivers of this capability are never found on subwoofers at this modest price.

Its high-current, equalized 125-watt amplifier and massive finned heat sink give another indication that we put our efforts into the ‘guts’ and not into needless cosmetic frills. The SB-900DF has a low-end extension of 32 Hz (-3 dB)—the lowest
fundamental note in the musical spectrum—and its solid, muscular sound surprises and delights listeners every time.


  • Ported bass-alignment delivers superior low-frequency extension from a compact enclosure
  • High-current amplifier for outstanding headroom and output
  • Atlantic’s exclusive CFT (Clear Filter Technology) ensures clean, articulate performance
  • Convenient high- and low-level inputs and outputs
  • Small size and unobtrusive looks make placement easy


Model SB-900DF
Type/Features Powered subwoofer, ported enclosure
1.5-inch, vented aluminum voice coil,
vented motor
Continuous 40–220Hz crossover,
18dB/octave low pass output
Low- and high (spkr)-level stereo inputs and
low- and high-level outputs
Absolute phase invert switch
Auto signal sensing
Bass Driver 8” (203mm) long-throw composite cone
Output Power 125W RMS
32Hz – 250Hz ±3 dB
Low Level
10k ohms
Peak Output 103dB SPL into 2000 cubic Feet

including grille
10.875 x 13.125 x 13.06 in.
277 x 333 x 332mm
Weight 28lbs/12.7kg
110-120/220-240V, 50/60Hz

SB-900DF Subwoofer Rear Panel


1. Status LED

This will be green for “on” condition, red for “standby”

2. Standby Switch

When in ON position, the amplifier will always be on. When in the AUTO position, the amplifier will be in Automatic Standby Mode.

3. Phase Switch

This switch allows precise acoustic matching with satellite speaker systems whose output may be phase reversed. Try in both positions — use the position that results in the strongest bass output.

4. Bass Level Control

Use this control to set the level of bass desired

5. Crossover Control

An adjustable (55Hz to 200Hz) @ 18dB per octave low-pass crossover.

6. Low-Pass Switch

When in the LOW-PASS position, adjustment of the crossover can be made by the Crossover Control. If being fed a pre-filtered or THX signal, place the switch at the BYPASS position.

7. Low Level Input

Use the input to connect to the subwoofer or LFE line out from your processor/receiver.

8. High Level Output

Connect main Left/Right speakers here when using the High Level Input.

9. High Level Input

If your electronics do not have a line-level sub out, connect the Left-Right speaker terminals of your electronics to these connections. Set the SB-900DF’s crossover to “Lowpass,” and adjust accordingly. Make sure to set your receiver to “Large” for Left and Right speakers.

10. AC Input

Use the included power cord to connect your amplifier to a wall outlet.

11. Voltage Select Switch

Voltage switch for use in different countries. This switch will be set when you receive the unit. Change this setting only when you are sure your application requires it. For US, the switch should be set to the 115V position.

12. Product Serial Number

Write this number in the space provided on page 2 for future reference.

It is available now from Atlantic Technology dealers with a retail price of $349.

Source: Atlantic Technology

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