BeoVision 10 32-inch LED TV

Bang & Olufsen release BeoVision 10 LED TV.Do you need smaller screen, or desire superior sound and picture quality in all rooms of the house than choose BeoVision 10…….

Bang & Olufsen, the worldwide provider of high-end home theaters and custom multi-room music systems will extend the BeoVision 10 LED product line with the introduction of a 32-inch version this November 2010.  The BeoVision 10 – 32 is a full HD LCD screen TV with an edge-type LED backlight, double sided anti-reflective coated contrast screen, five unique placement options and an active two-way loudspeaker system, resulting in optimal picture and sound performance.

The BeoVision 10 – 32 signifies a new record for Bang & Olufsen, as it is the first time the company has launched three members of a TV family within one year.  The BeoVision 10 was initially introduced in the spring of 2010 with its 40 inch model and has received industry accolades for its concise picture and superior sound experience.

The BeoVision 10 series is characterized by the idea of ‘adding life to your wallpaper’, and with the new 32-inch version, this integrated TV solution also appeals to an audience that loves great design, but wants a screen size that does not dominate the room.

BeoVision 10-32 is based on the same chassis as the 40″ and the 46″ versions.  It also adopts the same design principles, only on a smaller scale. This includes a removable front fabric in a range of colors, (black, white, silver, dark grey, blue and orange) and the unique, high-gloss polished aluminium frame that makes the TV appear even thinner than it is.  The frame is split into front and rear sections, and the rear profile is curved so it reflects the color of the wall, therefore, creating a floating, glass appearance that blends in with any rooms decor.

The 32-inch version offers Master Link connectivity and a built-in Peripheral Unit Controller (PUC) for control of cable or satellite STBs and Blue-ray players with a single remote. It also allows for connection of an additional pair of loudspeakers and subwoofer to expand the sonic experience.  BeoVision 10-32 also has capabilities to link ones audio and video products throughout an entire home. BeoVision 10-32 includes an active, two-way loudspeaker system with high quality drivers that deliver an unrivalled sound quality compared to other TVs of this size.

BeoVision 10 – 32 will be available this November.  It starts at $4,707.00, but will be featured in Bang & Olufsen showrooms across the country for $5,585.00. This package includes the Beo4 remote control, anti-reflective contrast screen, and basic wall bracket.  Other upgrades and options are available upon customer request.


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