You Can Buy An iPad At Best Buy On Launch Day

It seems like Apple isn’t planning to sell its highly-anticipated iPad in just its own stores, oh no. It turns out Best Buy will be selling iPads as well, that too starting from launch day. An internal memo of the retailer was leaked, and it shows that the stores will be getting iPads on the very day Apple launches them.

Now, there’s no way for us to confirm that is 100 percent the real deal, but we speculated this could be coming back in mid-February, and there’s lots of corroborating evidence to suggest this is no joke (such as COO Tim Cook explicitly mentioning the device would be sold at Best Buy) — we just didn’t expect to see it day one. We’re digging for more info on this story, so stay tuned.

Best Buy’s iPad playbook is certainly looking legit at this point. Our tipster sent us another two screenshots (they’re after the break) showing off BB’s new retail display which includes the iPad. Interestingly, they also tell us that the iPads are set to be delivered to stores on the night of April 2nd, and that quantities will be limited to about five of each model on launch. TUAW has also just published more of the playbook if you want to head over there and check it out.

Source: Engadget.

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