Cadence 4-Bit Chrono Watch

Cadence Watch Company unveils 4-Bit Chronograph Watch, which uses 4-bit binary code to indicate hours now includes a chronograph improves your geek cred and this watch is actually the chrono variation of its $80 4-Bit Watch, where it will come with a beefier case, a darker dial, better water resistance, best of all is a UTC display that helps you keep track of time back home whenever you are somewhere else around the globe…………


The Cadence Watch Company is excited to introduce the new 4-Bit Chronograph Watch. The subtle yet classy timepiece brings geeks a fashionable watch while adding the functionality of a chronograph and Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). Instead of Arabic or Latin numerals, the numbers on this dial are in 4-bit binary – the system of 1’s and 0’s that all computers rely on. This watch is classy enough to wear on any occasion, while geeky enough to show your membership in the elite group of techies. “We are pleased to introduce a unique watch that is Geeky without being too noticeable, like something the head of IT would wear to a board meeting,” says Vanja Buvac, president and CEO of Cadence Watch Company. “Our 4-bit watch was a big hit, but the most requested feature was UTC.” The 4-Bit Chronograph Watch retails at $195 and will be available for purchase in July at Receive a 40% pre-order discount if you order before the watch becomes available. The original 4-Bit Watch is currently available for $90 at as well as


Features :

  • Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) display – the standard time by which the world regulates clocks, time and computer servers
  • 42mm stainless steel case – striking appearance, perfect for the boardroom or on the go
  • Luminescent watch hands – against the black face of the watch adds to the sophisticated look
  • Genuine leather wristband – with subtle saddle stitched two part leather strap and stainless steel buckle
  • Miyota quartz watch movement – makes for an extremely reliable timekeeper that never requires winding
  • Water resistant to 5ATM – convenient for everyday wearing
  • Sapphire coated quartz glass – helps prevent watch face from becoming scratched

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