[Video] Bird Steals Camera, Films Gorgeous Aerial Footage Of Penguin Colony

Man uses camera and captures amazing photos. But we have seen drones that can capture amazing photos too with a GoPro camera. However, this time a bird proved that it can also capture amazing photos. To be more specific, a bird stole a camera and filmed gorgeous aerial footage of Penguin colony!

Penguin Colony Captured By Bird
Penguin Colony Captured By Bird

Falcon-like Striated Caracara (Phalcoboenus australis) is a bird of prey. In the Falkland Islands, it is known as the Johnny Rook. This Striated Caracara is a distinctive and charismatic raptor, which has the southernmost overall breeding distribution of any bird of prey in the world. The plumage is mostly deep brown to blackish-brown, with fine white streaking beginning at nape of the neck, and becoming broader and more conspicuous on the upper back and breast. The underwing is reddish brown with white tips on the primary feathers, while the tail ends in a whitish band. A bare yellow patch of skin around the eyes and base of the beak provides a striking contrast with this species’ dark plumage and bluish bill.

Striated Caracara
Striated Caracara

However, one day this bird was flying in the air, searching for prey for lunch. During its hover, it saw an egg that had not been hatched. The very interesting thing is this egg was actually a camera, placed in disguised. However, after a short assessment, the Striated Caracara took off with the camera in the air and started capturing amazing video footage of a penguin colony from above unwittingly. Here is the video.

But the story doesn’t end here. Few moments later, the camera falls down and a pair of Turkey Vultures descend on it and push it toward the Penguin colony. The video footage was captured as part of Penguins — Spy in the Huddle, a BBC One documentary series that makes heavy use of these disguised cameras.

However, such type of footage captured by a bird hints that there might be many cameras placed in disguised around us to capture amazing footage. It is expected that one day animals will remain no less than human beings in comparison to taking photos and videos.

Source: JohnDownerProd (YouTube)

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