Blue Mikey For Flip Ultra HD

Blue brings Mikey a add-on microphone for Cisco’s new Flip Ultra HD.It’s a FlipPort accessory which enables stereo audio recording…

Blue Microphones, a leading innovator in microphone technology and design, announces Mikey for Flip a professional-quality external microphone that lets Flip Video™ users capture even better sound for their Flip videos.

As part of the new Designed for Flip™ accessory line, Mikey for Flip connects to all FlipPort™-enabled Flip video cameras and features Blue Microphones’ premium capsules for enhanced recording of everything from a whisper to a rock concert.

Mikey for Flip is the simple way to enhance the sound of your recordings and expand the abilities of your Flip camera. Whether you’re recording a sporting event, a rock concert, or a child’s first words, the high quality stereo microphones and advanced circuitry inside.

Mikey will make the soundtrack of your Flip video clips more exciting, enjoyable, and professional. Simply plug the Mikey into your camera’s FlipPort™ connector and press record to enjoy the studio-quality sound that Blue Microphones is renowned for.

Mikey for Flip features two of Blue’s custom-tuned condenser capsules for professional-quality stereo recording. Users can choose between ‘Loud’ or ‘Automatic’ sensitivity settings, allowing users to record any volume level clearly, from a marching band to a wedding. Mikey for Flip also features a mic input jack for easy plug-in of additional microphones like a lavalier, handheld or corded interview microphone. Mount the Flip video camera on Mikey’s built-in tripod mount or stand it upright on Mikey’s wide base design for hands-free recording.

Mikey for Flip is plug-and-play with automatic power-on, using a AAA battery to conserve power on the Flip video camera for longer recording time. The compact and lightweight design of Mikey for Flip makes it easy to connect and use, while the included soft carrying pouch keeps it protected on the go. Mikey for Flip, MSRP $69, will debut at CES 2011. For more information, visit

Feature :

  • Simple plug-and-play operation
  • Blue’s premium condenser stereo microphone capsules for beautiful, natural, and clear sound
  • Automatic sensitivity switch with “Loud” setting allows Mikey for Flip to record any volume level clearly: whispers, interviews, or rock concerts
  • Mic-in port allows for easy plug-in of additional corded interview, handheld, or lavalier microphone
  • Built-in tripod mount
  • Long-lasting AAA battery power for simplicity and maximum battery life (included)
  • Convenient, soft cloth carrying pouch
  • Especially designed for all FlipPort™-enabled Flip video cameras (including the new Flip UltraHD)


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