Carl Zeiss May Release Super Wide-Angle Lens Soon

Carl Zeiss is a very well-known brand when it comes to camera lens. Even if you didn’t hear about it earlier, you may have heard about it recently at MWC 2012 where Nokia showed off Carl Zeiss lens in the cameras of its top-of-the-range smartphone devices. Now, Carl Zeiss has hinted that it may soon be releasing a super wide-angle lens.

A wide-angle lens comes in handy to the photographers and is very useful for landscape photography. It has uses beyond landscape photography too, of course. With Carl Zeiss hinting at a super wide-angle lens, the lens-maker may eventually release a top-of-the-range lens.

Carl Zeiss has supplied the lens of not only the cameras of smartphone vendors such as Nokia, it has also provided camera lenses for Sony’s compact digital cameras and Alpha DSLR series. So far, the company hasn’t revealed any exact details about the upcoming wide-angle lens. However, we do have a fairly accurate official date when the lens will be available and that is May 2012.

According to the company, the lens will be available for different mounts. It will also feature an integrated protection hood. Avid photographers may be in for just the lens they need for their summer landscape photography. However, given the cost of Carl Zeiss lenses, we can expect this upcoming lens to be no less pricey either.

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