CES 2012: World’s First 3D White Background Photography System Introduced

Professional photography, especially that of devices and products, normally requires a white background. This background is not part of the photograph by default and later, has to be ‘added’ to the photo through different software or through studio lighting. However, all this changes with Ortery’s 3D PhotoBench 260. With this system, not only can you do photography with pure white backgrounds, you can also produce 360 degrees product animations with pure white background!

3D PhotoBench 260 comes with a 39.4*39.4*27.8 inches light box. Also part of the package is a compatible Canon or Nikon camera and a workflow software that allows for the large-scale business photography through this machine, making it  very easy to create photographs with pure white backgrounds. In fact, it is so easy to create photographs and animations with pure white backgrounds with the help of 3D PhotoBench 260 that even an amateur user can do that.

How it works?
Here’s how it works: the camera and light box are connected to a computer. The software which comes with it controls different parts of the system such as turntable movement, picture processing and camera settings. The whole process is as simple as this: you simply hit the snap button, the photograph is taken and displayed at the computer screen within seconds where you can edit it in a number of ways.

Capturing animations is also very easy with 3D PhotoBench. It can take 4 – 360 pictures per rotation and stitch 24 pictures within a minute and a half. Images can be exported to a number of formats which include RAW or animated HTML5, GIFs and Flash animations. This small machine is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and is currently available for purchase.

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