Convert 35 mm Film Videos To Digital On Your Smartphone With LomoKino Smartphone Holder

Lomography is a very prevalent mode in the realm of photography and video-making. Here are some great news for lomography fans: now you can convert the lomographic videos you make into digital videos on your smartphone. This can be easily done by using LomiKino Smartphone holder. Earlier it was a daunting task to convert the lomographic videos into digital videos. Now with the new LomoKino Smartphone Holder, it is a very easy task.

There are additional benefits of using the LomoKino Smartphone Holder. You can record a video, with the very same style and effects like the ones on LomoKino, from your smartphone. But to develop this into a digital video, you will have to spend some money and go through additional steps.

However, if you use both LomoKino Smartphone Holder and LomoKinoScope, you don’t have to go through so much hassle. By using both of them, you can directly record the video on your smartphone in the digital format.

This is a huge step forward for LomoKino users who use LomoKino devices to record videos. This would enable them to quickly convert their videos to digital format on the go and then share them instantly through web or other means.

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