Hasselblad And Adobe Partner To Ship Cameras With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

In a world fast advancing in terms of technology and diversity of products, it is no wonder that the camera vendors are evolving fast to cope up with this pace and churn out better options every other day. Hasselblad is a well known name for photographers and provides a wide range of cameras and other relevant equipment and technology. In a press release today, Hasselblad and Adobe have announced an agreement so that the new medium format H4D cameras by Hasselblad will be shipped with free Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

This new offer from Hasselblad is sure to entice a lot of users since Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a well-known and frequently used software by amateurs as well as professionals. According to the Global Sales and Marketing Director of Hasselblad, “”Integrating the Adobe platform with Hasselblad is a ground-breaking step. Changing platforms is always a challenge for time-starved photographers and digital operators but now all users can have the excellence of a Hasselblad image file married to the functionality and ease of use of Adobe Lightroom.”

Adobe will also no less in asserting that this deal will, in turn, be immensely beneficial for the users. A spokesperson for Adobe said, “We are excited that photographers who purchase a new Hasselblad H4D camera will now easily be able to combine it with the power of Lightroom software. The world of imaging continues to evolve quickly, so it is increasingly important to offer customers innovative and practical software options to refine, showcase and manage their images.”

At the same time, Hasselblad made it very clear that a partnership with Adobe does not necessarily mean that it will abandon its own proprietary ‘Phocus’ software. The company, it was said, will continue to provide the software for high-end users since the software furnishes specific, specialized clients for specific needs of photographers.

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