IKEA Introduces Cardboard Digital Camera

Swedish furniture maker IKEA has introduced a strange looking cardboard digital camera. It was first shown at 2012 Fuorisalone Design Expo in Milan. The cardboard digital camera has an internal memory card that can store up to 40 photographs. It uses two AA batteries that ensure the camera would run for a reasonable amount of time. This disposable camera might go on sale soon at IKEA stores.

IKEA Cardboard Digital Camera

The IKEA cardboard camera lacks a LCD display, prevalent in digital cameras. Instead it features an old style viewfinder.

The design doesn’t seem feature a flash light. That means, it will only work in daylight. However, we couldn’t get the details about the resolution, or picture quality of the camera.

However, the cardboard camera  features a good connectivity option.It features USB connectivity, through which you can easily transfer your photographs from the camera to your PC.

The price of the device has not been disclosed yet. But, we don’t think that it is the price of this device IKEA should be worried about. They have shown their creativity through the uniqueness of the design. And, they have imposed a lasting impression on the intelligent consumers.

Good wishes for IKEA’s new electronics venture!

Source: Ubergizmo

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