Make Your Own SLR Camera With Lomography’s Konstruktor DIY Kit

Without having any pre-knowledge, if you are told to make a SLR camera, will you be able to do that? Yes you can, but with the help of Lomography’s Konstruktor DIY kit. In fact, anybody could do that. It’s so easy.


Lomography’s Konstructor DIY kit lets you make your own 35 mm plastic SLR camera. All the parts of the SLR camera comes in a pack. There’s a manual for you mentioning step by step how to make your own SLR camera with this DIY kit. The kit will cost you $35. What you need to do is just read the manual carefully, follow the instructions as said and make your own SLR camera.

One of our friends Dhiya Kuriakose at Mashable became interested to make own SLR camera with the Lomography’s Konstructor DIY kit. Watch her making her own SLR camera with the Konstructor DIY kit in the video below.

Source: Lomography
Thanks To: Mashable

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