Nikon Shows Off Prototype And Concept Cameras In France

Nikon engaged in a bit of conceptual product. Nikon isn’t exactly a company I associate with out there designs and concept devices. The company does design some though and has several concepts and prototypes on display in France at the Hello Demain exhibition. The first of the concepts in the photo below is a very interesting looking camera that has more than just interchangeable lenses.

The four prototype cameras on display ranged from the clearly defined a fully customizable SLR that swaps the lens, the camera has interchangeable LCD, lens, and grips to customize the camera to your needs.The mysterious webcam dongle-ish i-Ball of unknown purpose, to a mundane six-inch screener. But the real étoile of this forward-facing soirée is that Multi-Ball cam guaranteed to be a panoramic morning after hit. Check the pictures for additional protoplastic photographic proof.

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