Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 12.1MP Digital Camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 is a new powerful Digital Camera that introduce with some new technique. Panasonic more developed and with new-concept digital camera that helps to takes greater advantage of the compactness and light weight inherent in the Four Thirds System Standard. Panasonic’s G1 has exceptional imaging quality by 4/3-type 12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor that boasts a wide dynamic range and low power consumption. The increasing number of electrical contacts between camera body and lens, Panasonic has also increased camera maximized the future potential of the G1, including compatibility with future features. This is an Amazon product review. So get a short form Amazon review bellow about the Cameras features.

Ultra compact Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera:
Panasonic introduces an innovative mirror-less structure that dramatically downsizes the camera body. The G1 is far more compact than conventional SLR camera on the market. In large part to the Micro Four Thirds System, a new standard for interchangeable lens cameras. This new system has made it possible to reduce the flange back distance (between the mount and the image sensor) to approx. 20 mm–half the 40 mm specified in the Four Thirds System. This all Made Possible by the Micro Four Thirds System Standard. The outside diameter of the mount is also reduced, by about 6 mm.

Panasonic Lumix DCM-G1 interchangeable lens digital camera highlights

Full-time Live View and Contrast AF:
the advantages of Full-time Live View not only when viewing the LCD, but when using the electronic viewfinder too. The G1’s viewfinder system retains the outstanding viewability of an optical viewfinder and can also display information about camera settings that the user can see without taking his or her eye from the subject. In addition to a mirror-less structure, the G1 features a high-resolution 1,440,000-dot equivalent Live View Finder. A clever built-in eye sensor automatically switches on the viewfinder when the user looks into it, then switches it off and turns on the 3.0-inch high-resolution 460,000-dot LCD (which boasts a wide viewing angle) when the user looks away from the viewfinder.
Panasonic Lumix DCM-G1 interchangeable lens digital camera highlights

High Image Quality as an Interchangeable Lens System Camera:
The 4/3-type 12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor featured in the DMC-G1 offers the best of both worlds–the superior image quality of a CCD sensor, and the lower power consumption of a CMOS sensor. New technology that makes it possible to read 4 channels of data simultaneously also helps the G1 deliver 60 frames-per-second Full-time Live View images, while faithfully reproducing high-resolution images with fine detail and rich gradation.

High-resolution Live View Finder and Free-angle 3-inch 3:2 460,000-dot LCD:
A large, clear, easy-to-see LCD, that rotates 180 degrees horizontally and 270 degrees vertically is upgraded both in size and resolution to be 3.0-inch with 460,000-dot high resolution to offer even more comfortable view for both monitoring when shooting and for playing back the results. Extraordinary 3:2 aspect of the LCD on DMC-G1 is familiar to those who are used to analog film cameras.

Great Photography Like Professional Photographers With Intelligent Auto Mode:
This advanced of iA (Intelligent Auto) mode includes MEGA O.I.S. to detect hand-shake, Intelligent ISO Control to detect subject movement, Face Detection to detect faces in the frame, Intelligent Scene Selector to detect scene conditions, Light Detection to detect the brightness level, and AF Tracking to continually track a moving subject and keep it in focus. These six functions work automatically and simultaneously in iA Mode to optimize your settings, making it easier than ever to take beautiful photos every time.

Shake Detection MEGA O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer):
MEGA O.I.S., implemented in the lens, compensates for the blurring caused by hand-shake. Even slight hand-shake movement is accurately detected by a sampling frequency of 4,000 times per second, and compensated to produce sharp, clear images.
Motion Detection–Intelligent ISO Control:
The Intelligent ISO Control function detects subject movement and automatically adjusts the ISO setting and shutter speed to best suit the movement and light conditions. When it detects subject motion, it automatically raises the ISO setting and increases the shutter speed to prevent motion blur. On the other hand, when the subject is still and no movement is detected, it takes beautifully natural photos with a low ISO setting. Intelligent ISO Control gives you stunning images with ease because there is no need for complicated settings.
Light Detection Intelligent Exposure:
The Intelligent Exposure function increases the exposure only in under-exposed areas by detecting the brightness level part-by-part in the picture. If the background includes the sky, which tends to be easily washed out, the camera automatically adjusts the aperture and shutter speed to keep the setting slightly under-exposed to prevent wash-out while brightening the darkened area by increasing the ISO only in that area.
There are more Features like:
*Face Detection–Face Detection AF/AE
*Scene Detection – Intelligent Scene Selector
*Subject Detection AF Tracking
*A Host of Creative Options
*High-Definition Networking
In the box you will gate Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 body, Lumix G Vario 14 – 45 mm F3.5 – F5.6 ASPH.Mega OIS lens, BLB13PP Lithium-Ion battery pack, DE-A49B battery charger, AC cable, Video cable, USB connection cable, Software CD, Strap, Lens hood, Lens cap, Lens rear cap, Lens storage bag, Body cap, Manuals etc.
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