Pentax To Bring Q7 12.4MP Compact System Camera

Earlier we have seen Pentax bringing Q10 12.4MP compact camera. Lately Pentax has announced that it is going to introduce a new camera called Q7 12.4MP compact system camera. The company claims the camera will have the smallest and the lightest interchangeable lens system in the world.

Pentax Q7.

The Q7 12.4MP compact camera will feature an upgraded 1/1.7 inch, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, available in 3 edgy color combinations that are sure to match your personality and style. The company claims it has made 60% improvement in S/N ratio compared to existing Q10 12.4MP compact camera. This improvement let you capture colorful moments with high-speed start-up and in-body sensor-shift shake reduction. It will also have high sensitivity to shoot up to ISO 12800 for gorgeous, low-light imagery.

Pentax Q7 - 03
Pentax Q7 - 02
Pentax Q7 - 04

The camera helps you to maximize your creativity with the Q7’s outstanding bokeh control, and its 19 smart effects and filters, all with multi-layering capabilities. The Q7 lets you capture artistic endeavors with the Q-mount’s family of seven specialty lenses including, prime, zoom, wide-angle, fish-eye, and the new mount-shield lens for a dreamy pinhole-camera effect.

The Q7 will cost around $500 with two 5-15 mm zoom lens and can be custom-ordered in any of 120 color combinations. The company will also bring a body-cap ‘Mount Shield’ lens for the Q system – the 11.5mm F9 lens, which will cost around $80.

Right now Amazon is taking pre-order for this camera at $480. Amazon’s website mentions that the camera will be released on September 15, 2013.

Source: Amazon


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