Samsung ST80 Wi-Fi Camera

The Samsung ST80 is the latest in Samsung’s range of cameras with built-in Wi-Fi to allow users to share images via a wireless connection.  It has a 14.2Mp lens, 3x optical zoom and is able to capture HD video at 720p resolution with up to 30 frames per second……

In addition to emailing pictures, the ST80 can also upload pictures and video directly to social networking and other sites, such as Facebook, Picasa and You Tube.All of this relies on access to a Wi-Fi connection.  The camera comes equipped with an account for mobile hotspot provider Boingo, which provides more than 120,000 mobile hot spots around the world, including 5,631 in the United Kingdom.

Samsung has announced the new Samsung ST80 – the compact camera features a 3x optical zoom lens, 3″ touch screen, built in wifi / wireless, 14.2 megapixel sensor, 720p 30fps HD video. The WiFi lets you email photos or video, or upload to facebook, picasa, youtube, and photobucket. The ST80 is due out in September.

Some of the smart features available on the ST80 would be the ‘Smart Crop’, which in essence is a unique editing tool that will not require you to toy around with your captured digital images on a computer. After all, you can do so directly on the camera itself, cropping images taken at any angle or slant, including banners or signs, followed by straightening them out as though you had taken them straight on in the first place. We’re guessing even trained eyes will have a hard time telling the difference. With Samsung’s Smart Auto (Still & Movie) scene recognition technology, capturing images become easier than ever, recognizing the user’s current shooting environment automatically while choosing the right settings in order to achieve picture perfect moments.

The unique style of the ST80 immediately makes it stand out from the crowd. Consumers will be drawn to the ST80’s slim and rounded design, which houses a 3x optical zoom as well as a large, 3.0-inch wide touch-screen on the back of the camera. Consumers will also enjoy the smart features found within the camera. The ST80 comes equipped with Samsung’s new ‘Smart Crop’ feature, a unique editing tool which takes place directly on the camera. With ‘Smart Crop,’ users can crop images taken at any angle or slant, such as banners or signs, and then straighten them as if they were originally taken straight on. The ST80 also makes it easy to capture great images with Samsung’s Smart Auto (Still & Movie) scene recognition technology. Smart Auto (Still & Movie) automatically recognizes the user’s current shooting environment and selects the appropriate settings to achieve the best results possible.

Samsung claims that the ST80’s ‘Smart Crop’ feature allows the user to edit their photos directly on the camera, for instance to correct any photos that were taken askew.  It also includes a ‘Smart Auto’ setting, which Samsung claims recognises the shooting environment and selects the appropriate settings automatically.

The ST80’s wireless connectivity makes it easy for users to upload or share digital images or videos with others directly from the camera without the need to be connected to a computer. By leveraging an available Wi-Fi internet connection, consumers have the option to email their digital images and video to individual email addresses or to those stored in the camera’s address book. In addition to email, consumers can also effortlessly upload images and videos directly to social networking sites such as Facebook®, Picasa™, YouTube®, Photo Bucket or even Samsung’s own Web site.


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