Sony Alpha SLT-A77V – An Excellent Choice For Amateurs

If you an amateur in shooting and want to make the most out of your camera, money not being your problem, Sony Alpha SLT-A77V may make a very fine  choice for you. The camera is an excellent one, comes with nearly all features you’d require and the stylish display it offers is definitely a treat. Moreover, it allows geotagging and has a high quality of the recorded video. For those who don’t have very deep pockets, the price may put them off. Moreover, it may not be the best camera for a professional.

Like every piece of electronics, there are goods and bads to this camera. And you must know both sides of the coin before you form an opinion about it.

The goods:
The camera has an excellent design and a remarkable display. It’s easy to handle, slightly heavy but not uncomfortable. And can shoot  photos and videos at a pretty good quality. The camera is able to capture hues pretty accurately and it  does an excellent job on capturing the shadow details. On the video end too, the camera performs remarkably well. It may be a result of a real-smooth autofocus feature. The camera comes with a 16-50mm kit lens.

The bads:
First and the foremost problem with this camera is that the battery is not really the high-point of this device. It is subpar and may deplete sooner than a professional would like it to be. But for an amateur, with intermittent shooting episodes, the battery may work okay. Moreover, the camera doesn’t allow much range in raw and video shooting, which is a huge drawback for someone trying to experiment with the tool. The large-sized shots may sometimes slow down the data transfer from, say, the camera to a printer and that can be a drawback for those who want to snap and print on the go.It also lacks the support for raw JPEGs which renders it useful for many occasions.

Overall the camera is a fine piece of hardware which can process data internally, quite swiftly and allows for a broad range of video and photo shooting to suffice for an amateur. Again, the tag of the camera may make it exclusive for those with deep pockets since it comes at a huge $1,999 with the 16-50mm lens.

Image courtesy Cnet.

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