Sony Confirms Wi-Fi Camera Lenses Meant For Smartphones

In the past, we’ve reported that certain leaks suggested Sony was working on camera lenses meant for smartphones. Now, the company has officially confirmed that Cybershot DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 are indeed about to be unveiled and will pair up with different handsets with ease.

Sony DSC-QX10

These lenses are very useful in that they pack the entirety of a camera in the form of a lens. So these lenses are essentially the entire camera, minus the display. And when you pair it up with a smartphone, you have that display. Besides, when fitted with one of these lenses, your smartphone will look just like a regular camera.

One of the best feature of these lenses is that they pair up nicely with your Android or iOS device wirelessly. In Android handsets, you will need NFC support to pair up with the lenses wirelessly. However, iOS users will have to undergo a slight hassle by tweaking the settings from the iThings menu.

Sony DSC-QX100

These lenses can be used as stand-alone cameras too, which adds to their sheer usefulness. You can carry them around, snap shots with them or hook them up with a smartphone and get a pro feel.

The company has also confirmed the pricing details of these new offerings. According to Sony, the DSC-QX10 with 10X optical zoom will cost $249.99 whereas DSC-QX100 comes with heavier specs and costs a bit steep at $499.99.

Courtesy: Arstechnica

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