Superheadz Necono

Superheadz introduced in Japan its first cat shaped digital camera, the Necono Digital Camera and this 3 megapixel kitty camera might tolerate you.Necono Digital Camera features a mic and CMOS sensor combine to record VGA videos or 3 megapixel JPEG images to microSDHC cards………

Necono Digital Camera requires a microSD card or microSDHC card (up to 16G).The microSD card is to be used only for this camera. With necono digital camera, everyone will be captured with a smile. This camera does not have the pressure big and bossy cameras have. This little camera can capture natural and relaxed faces (actually the most difficult faces to capture as photographers may know). Anyone would become stiff by the tension when you are caught by a camera. With a big tough camera, the tension will be big and tough. And with a small camera, the tension will be a small one. But what about with a necono (or cat, in English) camera? Just like how a baby or a pet lightens up communication between a stranger, this camera is capable of transforming the relationship between you and your subject into a happy one.

Obvious by its name and look, necono digital camera is in a shape of a cat (or, neco in Japanese). Its left eye is a lens and the right is a sensor. It allows you to take photos and movies like a cat is taking them. The camera does not carry a monitor, so you cannot see what you are about to take. But it is not as complicated as it may seem. All you need is, a little effort to, be a cat. Then you will soon get used to it. Please experience the special excitement of a film camera, not knowing what you have caught. With the dedicated monitor “Monitor Ground” (sold separately), you can use it like an ordinary digital camera.

With magnets at its feet, it sticks everywhere, anywhere, anytime. You can shoot from high up and low down or even tilt it. All these unexpected shots are enabled by this simple magnetic mechanism. Self-timer mode and interval mode which repeat shooting a photo every second will widen your possibility and creativity. Finding this kitten stuck here and there will delight your daily life even while it is out of use. In fact, that is the lovable effect we cannot look down on.

Necono digital camera does not have any of the high qualities that the latest digital cameras out there would possess. Moreover, we may warn you that we cannot promise you infallibility under certain circumstance. Sometimes, it may take in too much light and cause a whiteout, or blur by the movement of your subject; it is “whimsical” and does not always capture what you intend it to. But just as a cat who may ignore your calls, this “whim” will make you love it even more and more. Loaded with a vivid color-mode and a bitter black & white mode. Both photos and movies have the taste inherited from Digital Harinezumi who is known to have changed the concept of digital cameras.

Compact, light and cat shaped, how can you help from yourself from taking it along with you? A camera that makes you want to walk around with, just like your own pet; is our concept for this camera. Please carry it to wherever you go. You can attach a strap to the tail so it will not fall from your hand, neck or arm. You can always stay together.Lisa Larson is a world’s famous Swedish ceramist. She lives in the nature with her husband who is also an artist, and continues to produce ceramics even in her 70s. Before Japan learned about the Scandinavian “kawaii”, she had always been teaching us how charming Scandinavian designs were. Necono digital camera is made from one of her originally designed cats (also adapted into a key ring).

OK, let’s try to take the cat out of the box. Open the door of the package just as you would open the cover of a book. Your gaze must meet the cats’. This heart-warming wrapping was designed by Mika Sasaki (SuperHeadz.Tokyo), under the inspiration of a picture book series “Number Book” co-produced by Lisa and her daughter Johanna who put Lisa’s illustration into a picture book. So you can keep the cat in at home, the box is designed to open and close. This colorful package will make you want to receive and give it as a gift. The camera is available now for a tax inclusive price of ¥15,750 and the little stretchy cat has a USB and A/V out connectors in his belly so you can download images to your computer or watch them on your TV.


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