Tear Down Of Sony 3D Bloggie Camera

Tear Down iFixit CEO strips a Sony Bloggie 3D, bares its twin cameras, but he does seem genuinely intrigued at taking apart and explaining the way the 3D camera works, there’s not much in the way of the depth and Sony manages to make the whole thing a not-so-subtle plug for a newish device……..


Sony has given the Bloggie 3D camera a teardown in similar vein of the folks over at iFixit, but unlike iFixit’s informative teardowns, the video shot by Sony didn’t go into much detail about the individual parts  with occasional hints being dropped about why the camera is worth the $250. One of the best parts of iFixit.com‘s product teardowns is finding out the manufacturers of all the individual components and cnet, gets an eyeful of all the bits and pieces that go into making this pocket 3D video camera. It’s a teardown video after all and for users who don’t dare to take their own Bloggie 3D cameras apart, but want to know what it looks like on the insides, it can be a good source of information. Also there is a brief look at Kyle stripping it down, but mostly it’s just all the parts laid out and some close-up looks at them, checkout the video below:


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