CES 2012 Opens With A Plethora Electronic by LG And AcerCloud By Acer

CES 2012, the largest show of electronic devices, has started already. A large number of major electronic giants are taking the opportunity to unveil their products at the show. Here are some products that LG and Acer have introduced at CES 2012. By Acer, it’s a new cloud service, much like Apple’s iCloud. LG, on the other hand, has introduced a whole new line of smart appliances which include refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Read further to know the details about these products.

AcerCloud service: a copy-cat of iCloud?
Acer has used CES 2012 to push forth it’s own cloud service termed AcerCloud. However, that is not what is currently trending around the web. Rather, different analysts and reviewers are stating that Acer has not only used a name strikingly similar to iCloud, it has also copied an exact slide from Steve Jobs’ presentation about iCloud. Below are the two slides, by Acer and Apple respectively, which do indeed reveal that Acer’s slide is just a mirror of the slide presented by Jobs. While there’s no word out as to how good is AcerCloud, if at all, what is sure is that Acer has a poor marketing team.

LG Smart appliances:
LG has taken the opportunity to introduce a very interesting line of refrigerators. Tagged under ‘smart appliances.’ The new refrigerator, which is smarter than before, helps you regulate your diet and posts recipes to your oven. Moreover, it tells you pre-handedly if you are running out of groceries. The best part is that it can cater equally to all family members by maintaining different profiles for each person and giving dietary suggestions accordingly.

Another awesome refrigerator is the Blast Chiller. Want to get a bottle of wine chilled without moments? The Blast Chiller will do that in just 8 minutes! Plus it has classic looks with it’s French doors.

The other electronics that LG unveiled include an eco-friendly washing machine called TurboWash and a new LG robot vacuum cleaner, which will do all your vacuum cleaning for you while you relax back and control it through a smartphone.

Image courtesy AppleInsider.

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