1984 Macintosh 128K Computer For Sale On eBay

A growing trend has been to put up old, classic Apple products online for sale. With the explosive growth and popularity of the company, it is no wonder that this is a growing niche market. Now, an original 1984 Macintosh 128k computer has been put up on eBay. While this is in itself a rare-to-find machine these days, the even better part is that it comes with all the original manuals and accessories.

The original Macintosh no doubt is of great significance in the history of computers as well as that of Apple. It debuted during the third quarter of Super Bowl in 1984 in an ad that has become almost iconic, titled ‘1984’ and themed around Orwell’s novel with the same title.

The specs of the computer, at a fleeting view, will of course look archaic. It comes with 128KB of RAM, 64KB ROM, a 1-bit black and white monitor (that is indeed hard to imagine in a world of Retina displays), a 3.5*400 KB floppy drive and keyboard and mouse. Apart from these accessories, the computer had several applications such as MacWrite and MacPaint.

From the images of the product posted on eBay, the computer seems in excellent condition and also, it comes with all the original manuals and all relevant components. So far, there have been three bids for the computer and it is currently priced at $3519.84.

If you want to be the one who lays his hands on this neat piece of hardware which is only nearly three decades old, you ought to head to the eBay page right away.

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