27-inch iMac display firmware update With minor iTunes update

Second attempt by Apple, after the previous updae!The annoying screen flicker on your precious 27-inch iMac, even after the previous update!
The company released 27-inch iMac Display Firmware Update 1.0, which promises to “address issues that may cause intermittent display flickering” for iMacs released in late 2009.this 294KB update with the firmware update Apple released in December to tackle video flickering and image corruption problems.

That update applied to the graphics firmware on the ATI Radeon HD 4670 and 4850 graphics cards found in the 27-inch iMacs released in late 2009. Monday’s release tackles the display firmware on those iMacs, according to Apple’s release notes.

This latest firmware update doesn’t appear to address the yellow tinting appearing at the bottom of some iMac screens.

Macworld US noted in this space last Friday, some iMac owners have complained on Internet forums of a gradual, yellow tint that either fades in from the bottom of the screen or manifests as a vertical, hazy line on either side of the display.

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