Adapteva Unveils Earliest Parallella Mini ‘Supercomputer’ Mass-Production Units

When Raspberry Pi was first unveiled, it was an instant hit due to its genius design as well as affordability. Since then, many products have followed in its footsteps. Adapteva has been working on Parallella, the Raspberry-Pi-like mini-computer with parallel computing abilities. The company has now unveiled the earliest mass-production units.

Parallella computer

Parallella computers pack multi-core accelerators, which let them deliver high-end computing performance. This makes Parallella uniquely different from other mini-computers. Adapteva launched it as a KickStarter project and was able to raise more than $800,000. The company promises to deliver final products by summer this year.

However, the earliest production units of Parallella have already arrived. The team behind the project has shared the images of these mini-computers on the official blog. The mini-computer is available in two flavors – the 13GHz 16-core version costs $99 whereas the 45GHz 64-core board comes at $199.

Parallella team has revealed that now that it has the actual boards in its hands, it is testing out a whole lot of functionality on them. Once the initial functionality tests are complete, the team will be trying to get Linux to boot on these boards.

These are certainly promising developments for all the users who have been eagerly waiting to lay their hands on this genius mini-computer meant for parallel computing. Although the commercial units of Parallella are due to arrive in summer, KickStarter backers can keep an eye on the links posted below and stay up to date with all the progress on that front.

Source: Parallella

Courtesy: Engadget

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