Apple May Redesign iMac And Mac Pro In 2013

During the yesterday’s WWDC event, the one thing that awed everyone was the ultra-powerful MacBook Pro with Retina display, a machine that seems unmatched in the world of notebooks. In fact, the kind of hardware it packed, this MacBook Pro may even put a lot of desktop machines to shame. And that is perhaps why Apple seems less interested in pursuing its desktop lineup.

Apple did update its website with new Mac Pro lineup, offering better CPUs for the machines. However, the fact that the company didn’t spare any time to speak about it at the WWDC 2012 event is very significant.

The fact is that conventionally, Apple has stuck to its desktop stock, the iMac and Mac Pro, due to an assumption that desktop machines can pack a more powerful hardware than Apple’s much thinner notebooks. However, with the new MacBook Pro models, this assumption seems to be faltering. With newer hardware and better technologies, notebooks may turn out to be as powerful as desktop machines, albeit lighter, classier and with less clutter.

After tomorrow’s WWDC event, many had speculated that perhaps is planning to gradually phase out its iMac and Mac Pro lineup and concentrate solely on more powerful MacBook notebooks. However, an Apple executive has revealed, naturally on the condition of anonymity, that Apple has plans of new models and designs for iMac and Mac Pro.

However, the said executive also said, Apple will not be introducing these newer models and design until 2013. Our guess is that if it is ever going to happen, it may happen at WWDC 2013.

Source: NYTimes

Courtesy: Redmondpie

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