Benchmarks Of Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro And iMac Revealed

Nearly all tech analysts had agreed over the conclusion that Apple will most  be using Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors in its upcoming MacBook Pro as well as iMac models. Whereas there is no official word from Apple or Intel about this yet, some benchmarks on Geekbench detail the performance of MacBook Pro and iMac models which are yet to release.

Geekbench is a site which seems to be quite resourceful. In the past, it was able to correctly tell the specs of MacBook Pro i7 2010 model two months ahead of the actual release. And now, the website is showing benchmarks of a MacBook Pro model and an iMac model, both of which are not in the market – yet.

Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro:
So how can we say its an Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro that Geekbench is talking about? Well, on May 13th, the website posted specs of a machine titled ‘MacBook Pro 9.1.‘ These machine, we were told, was running Mac OS X 10.8 (Build 12A211).

However, the initials used with Apple’s current MacBook Pro models are either 8.1, 8.2 or 8.2, depending upon the screen size of the model. The post spoke about a ‘9.1’ model which hasn’t been even released by Apple. Moreover, Apple hasn’t publicly released any build of Mac OS X titled ’12A211.’

Geekbench didn’t stop at those hints and further revealed that the machine has an Intel Core i7-3820QM processor with a whopping 8 GB of RAM. This processor, the 3829QM is an Intel Ivy Bridge processor which was released by Intel less than a month ago. By using this processor, the graphical performance of the notebook becomes 50% better than the older MacBook Pro model. This is Intel’s Ivy Bridge architecture is far more efficient that its Sandy Bridge processors which are used  in the current generation of MacBook Pro notebooks.

Ivy Bridge iMac:

It is expected that Apple will be launching a new iteration of iMac machines during this summer. What is known for near-sure is that Apple will be using Ivy Bridge processors in these machines which will increase their performance manifold.

Geekbench posted the benchmarks of a machine titled ‘iMac 13.2’ on the website. Again, it seems that the website has somehow been able to benchmark what Apple hasn’t even revealed yet. According to this entry, the new iMac will be tooling a quad-core Intel Ivy Bridge processor i7-3770 at 3.4 GHz. This will make the experience of using an iMac a lot faster and exciting.

Source: Geekbench

Courtesy: CultofMac

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