Best Buy Launching Two-Week Promotion From Today, $100 Off For Windows 8 Touchscreen PCs

If you had been thinking to purchase Windows 8 touchscreen PCs, but might be hesitating to buy one because of high price, then you are in luck now. According to a new report, online retailer Best Buy is launching a two-week promotion this Sunday, February 24, offering $100 discounts on Windows 8 touchscreen PCs.

Windows 8 Touchscreen PC

After the release of Windows 8 on October 26, “touchscreen PCs have not exactly been flying off the shelves” as expected. Though online retailer Best Buy is trying to sell those Windows 8 touchscreen PCs through a two-week promotion, it hasn’t revealed which products will be part of this promotion. Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that only touchscreen laptops and desktops would be discounted and Microsoft Surface Pro as well as Surface RT won’t be included in that promotion offer.

The offer has gone live on the Best Buy site. The two-week promotion offer of $100 discount will end on March 9.

Source: Best Buy
Thanks To: WSJ

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