HANNspree’s New SN22A1 All-In-One PC

Hannspree, the creators of the basketball TV have just bring a brand new all-in-one PC the SN22A1. Hannspree is not a well known we hear very often around here. But when we do hear it, it’s usually attached to something decent or interesting, Checkout more detail bellow.




  • LED screen for low power consumption
  • Preload with multi-touch fun applications
  • Latest multi-touch screen technology
  • Built-in Webcam & microphone for Internet conferencing
  • comprehensive connectivity WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth
  • HDMI, VGA inputs for stand-alone monitor usage
  • Built-in 4-in-1 multi-media card reader
  • Slim & ergonomic ID design featuring 10° – 55° tilt
  • Energy Star 5.0
  • Full HD 1080p Support
  • Intel® Pine-View (1.66Ghz, Dual Core) D510
  • 3 GB memory
  • 320 GB HDD
  • Windows 7 Home Premium is delivered in five different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)*. Local keyboards can easily be used. The product comes with a wired keyboard (German) and mouse.
  • Language can be selected by user during initial setup.



Hannspree’s SN22A1 offers up a 21.5 inch LED touch screen display, supported in turn by an Intel Pine View D510 dual-core processor running at 1.66 GHz, three gigs of DDR2 RAM, a 320 gig hard drive, HDMI for access to the bigger screens, a VGA input in case you want to use your current monitor or spare the monitor on this one, four USB ports, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity, an optical drive, a 1.3 megapixel webcam, a four in one multimedia card reader, and Windows 7 Home Premium for an operating system.

Admittedly, not the most impressive piece of hardware we’ve seen recently. Admittedly, not the most impressive all in one PC we’ve seen lately, either. But the Hannspree version will have a significant advantage over its immediate competitors in terms of pricing. See, you can pick one of these up right now for 399 Euros, or roughly, $582.67 in US Dollars. And as all in one PCs go, that’s actually a pretty good price.

The question, of course, will be whether you’re sufficiently devoted to the all in one form factor to disregard the fact that almost $600 US will get you a pretty nice desktop PC. If you are, this one might be a good entry-level device for you. If not, well, you’ll probably want to take the better deal elsewhere or step up to one of the higher-priced models.

Head over to the HANNspree website for more details.

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