Sharp Brought 32-inch 4K IGZO Touchscreen Monitor, Compatible With OS X

It seems like all the giant companies are now working with the 4K compatible monitors as a lot of computer users are now looking forward to 4K resolution monitors for higher-quality images and more information on the screen at one time. And following that trend, lately Sharp has unveiled a 32-inch 4K IGZO touchscreen monitor which is also compatible with Apple’s OS X operating system.


The 32-inch 4K touchscreen monitor was originally introduced back in January during CES 2013. But the display was also shown during CEATEC 2013 in Japan last week, which was running off a MacBook Pro. However, the Sharp’s 4K Monitor features a resolution of 3840×2160 and utilizes an IGZO LCD panel with a touch interface and pen support. The touch interface uses capacitive technology and supports pen input. The Japanese news portal Macotakara claims, Sharp’s 32-inch LCD LED monitor has already been shipped, but won’t be able to run OS X until the company releases a free download of that software.

Currently this Sharp 32-inch 4K2K touch Monitor is available in for ¥ 317,887(Japanese Yen) or $3266(USD). So for now only, the Japanese people can buy this monitor. Unfortunately, there is no information available for its global release! Check out the both demo videos at CES 2013 and CEATEC 2013 for more.

Source: Ubergizmo

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